New 50 minute training video Included FREE with all F-117 orders!

We give full support when you receive your F-117 for both setup and training!

Simple operation, just a click of the mouse and everything else is automatic!

Frequency output is both accurate and stable.  Engineered for comfort!

More than just a machine!

Within most of the 800 plus programs are other protocols and research that can be used in conjunction with the system!  These protocols represent a lifetime of research!

This research includes approaches used by leading health care practitioners for lyme disease, pain issues, heart disease, cytstitis, herpes, gout, candida, lyme, kidney stones and much more!  Frequencies and program research are upgraded weekly!
  Programs are for research purposes only!

Harmonic targeting accuracy is the core of research using this equipment. Components for the TrueRife F-117 are custom manufactured and made from the highest quality parts available.

Each F-117 and accessories are tested before shipping.  Shipping same day or next day!

The F-117 is shipped with 2 bulbs for different applications, as well as professional bulb holders and stands and easy to follow instructions and a new training video!

Includes the Ion Pro Wave / ion foot spa. Will also run the optional TrueFocus and TrueSilver system!

The F-117 is a multitasking fully weaponized workhorse, and can be upgraded with the Helix Vortex bulb, GRS, Matrix Foot Plate, TrueSilver, TrueFocus, the PlasmaSphere ozonator and many other accessories that simply plug into the existing unit to expand its capabilities! More are on the way!

See the links for accessories!  Also click on the QUESTIONS link for a comparison of  contact vs bulb (plasma) output devices.

TrueRife gives FREE lifetime software and firmware upgrades and support for the life of your machine!  Simple illustrated setup instructions and software included.


NEW 2011 F-117 Liberator Specifications:

The F-117 Liberator features a Color Wand for Special Effects

1. Liberator Features:  Color / L.E.D. Switch.  This switch is kept in the down position at all times except when using the color wand to lock in a specific color.  To do this the switch is set UP to Color.  The Color Wand will begin to transistion through colors.  When the Color Wand transistions to the color one wants they simply toggle the switch down and then back up.  This will lock in a specific color such as blue pictured above.  Toggling the switch again will start the transistion of the wand through the different color spectrums.

The color wand can be set to BLUE then placed on an open wound or on the neck just under the jaw over the jugular vein.

2.  Advanced Grounding  / The color wand is encased with a 180 degree turn of stainless steel around the clear jacket.  When holding the color wand this strip of stainless is in contact with the palm to provide grounding effects for signal acceleration when using the Rife bulbs in radiant mode (Not Touching the Glass).  The wand actually warms in the hand causing a moderate amount of persperation which dramatically increases conductivity.  Other manufacturers have wrapped wet paper towels around grounding hand cylinders to increase conductivity.  This is totally unneccesary with the new Color Wand / Ground Tube.  The Color Switch is set to the DOWN position for this application.

3.  Quiet Mode /  The F-117 runs quiet for overnight sets.  With new improved circuity and programming there is NO fan within an F-117 as they run stone cold even when running a Qx2 in accerated mode!

SPECIAL NOTE:  While the F-117 runs quiet, the Qx2 in accelerated mode will continue to "bark or sing" during sessions because of the massive output causing vibration of the glass.  Running in normal mode reduces the noise to whisper quiet! 

Improved Output / New Super Regeneration Circuit that protects the internal components under load.

Internal microprocessor scanning technology!  (must be interfaced with the GRS)

Can be set to AutoRun or Standalone mode. Programs can be copied to the  F117 from the computer program, which will activate during startup without any computer connection!  You can then transport the F-117 or start your favorite programs by simply powering up the F-117 and watching the bulb begin to pulse throughout the preset program automatically!  No computer needed! No need to boot up and start a program.

Exclusiive F-100 4.0.3 software will update your frequency sets online with a single click of the mouse!

Pro Wave Ion Foot Spa!  Included!  Two bulbs come standard for different applications.

LED Color Wand /  Grounding Tube / Included!

Lifetime support, FREE online software upgrades and training video.  Included!

Integrated Atelier Robin / TrueRife precision frequency generator circuit board!

DDS square wave frequency generation controlled by internal 32 bit processor.

MS-Windows 7 compatible F100 3.0.34 software to control the F117 from any PC USB port.

Easy software upgrades with the click of a mouse!  Auto Log / Keeps track of the programs you have run.

Two internal channels: A:1.5 MHZ, B:100 KHZ  which allows you to pulse
and sweep at the same time.

LED Color Wand / heated ground tube.  Colors can be shifted and locked through the data swtich.

TrueRife Instruments
F-117 GRS System / $4315.00 Full Scanning Capabilities!

Includes The F-117 Liberator  / Qx2 Accelerator bulb and tripod stand / Spiral scanning bulb / Soft Ground Foot and Back Plate / GRS Scanner / 2 Ion BlueRay foot bath modules /  Instruction manuals and training DVD's


NEW for 2012! The F-117 Liberator!

The F-117 has undergone several important changes for 2012.

Improved LED Color Wand / Heated LED Grounding.  The new Color Wand doubles as a ground tube for maximum penetration while doing color therapy.  The Color Wand microprocessor allows for data switching to either lock or transistion colors from Blue, Green or Red.  Colors can also be run in pairs.

On board microprocessor scanning technology.  Records GRS scanner hits directly to the F-117 board. Generates custom programs automatically!

Windows 7, Vista and XP compatibility!
Heat Sinked Transistors / No Fan for quiet running.

Full Windows compatibility!   Machine radiates frequencies from 1Hz to 10KHz.
Ion Pro Wave range is 1Hz to 1.5MHz  See:ScreenShot

NEW Super Regeneration Circuitry
Protects the internal components!
256 X the output of 2003 machines!

Ion Pro Wave foot bath with lighting comes standard with all 2012 F-117 systems!  (Improved for 2012)

Established 2003
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We want to thank TrueRife Technology for the excellent service we receive from you.  Whenever we have technical issues you either respond immediately, or the very next day. Our clinic purchases a number of different products from suppliers, however, we have noticed that suppliers may provide an excellent product, but if they dont back this product up with their
services, then the true value of the product is negligable.

We only wish that other companies provided the honest and foolproof products that TrueRife Technology provides!  We congratulate you!

Clinical Research / USA

Wanted to compliment you on your design and workmanship.

This obviously wasn't built in China.

I think your unit is admirable!

Recent Purchaser

F-117 Flexability and features!

Digitally controled precision oscillator (brain): YES

Digital ouput capabilities: YES

Analog output capabilities: YES

Easy Programing:

Rife plasma bulb output: YES

Rife contact device ouput: YES

Detox system: YES

Fully upgradable: YES

Can be integrated with other optional devices: YES

Lifetime Support: YES

Microprocessor scanning: YES

One year limited warranty on all parts and labor! YES

Two amplifier system: Yes

Free onlne automated software upgrades for life:

Same day or next day shipping: YES

Over 1000 devices sold: YES

Tripod stand and professional bulb holders and grips: YES

Can be used as a standalone device: YES

Windows compatible: YES
Matrix foot plate and Helix Vortex bulb and the Qx2 are examples of the continuous research at TrueRife!
See Accessories link for more details or click on the picture!

Phase Shifting / Generating a "Non-Fixed Disturbance" in the "Force"

When driving a car we may experience a rythmic bump from the road as we travel down the highway.
After a short while we hardly notice this noise anymore. This is due to the ability of our body to “adapt” to surrounding "fixed" disturbances and adjust to noise and vibration. The same holds true for electromagnetic fields
(the force) which pulse through the entire session with the same frequency or intensity. These pulses are a “disturbance” the body will try to adapt to.  Phase shifing generates a "non fixed disturbance" or pulse that is different from computer generated pulsations, representing a new breakthrough in frequency delivery!

A Dual Transistor (amplifier) System!

Transistor 1 is in phase, while transistor 2 is slightly delayed or out of phase.  Signal output remains stable. Two signals are generated at the same frequency with the second delayed or repeated.

A switch on the front allows for switching between Stun and Kill. Stun is in phase frequency transmission. Kill is the phaser circuit implemented.


What is Phasing?

Phasing is created by splitting a signal into two components, delaying one portion of it by a few milliseconds, and then reintroducing it back into the source at the same amplitude or frequency as the source.  The device used to perform this operation is most commonly called a Phase Shifter but may also be referred to as simply a Phaser.

Putting this is simpler terms, imagine setting up two Rife machines that are programmed to run the same exact frequencies.  You start the first machine and then a fraction of a second later you start the second machine. You are now generating two signals that are the same but are out of phase or time because they were not started at the exact same moment.  With phase shifting circuitry, only one Rife machine will be needed to accomplish what the two are doing in this illustration. Welcome the 2011 F-117 Raptor!

The 2011 F-117 Raptor  circuitry will function on both the bulb and Ion Pro Wave outputs.

The 2011 F-117 Raptor has microprocessor controlled dual output circuitry.  Built in phase shifting technology generates a non fixed disturbance in the
force  (Generated EM Field)
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The GRS Scanner

The F-117 is the only Plasma based system in the world with built in scanning capabilities.

The Galvanic Resonant Scanner (GRS) is designed to pick up which frequencies in a session may be the ones producing results, often refered to as "hits" by Rife researchers.

Hits are the frequencies that are causing a physiological response, possibly indicating the need to extend this frequency or repeat in further sessions.

When combined with the New 4.0.3software.
  (See Video) it will emulate biofeedback devices in the $20,000 range!

Programs that took 45 minutes can now be shortened to 15 minutes or less using the scanner.

F-117 Pictured with GRS Scanner
No medical claims are made or implied for TrueRife devices or frequency sets!  They are not intended to diagnosis, cure, prevent, treat or mitigate any medical condition or disease.  Please consult a qualified physician for any medical conditions.
New 2012 F-117 Liberator!