2012 F-117 / Qx2 System $3794.00
Includes everything below!  The F-117 will run on any PC (software included).
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TrueRife 2012
Liberator  F-11
7 Packages
Established 2003
Tripod Boom Arm and Stand
Qx2 Quantum Accelerator
Spiral Bulb and new 2010 Color Wand
     2  Ion Pro Foot Baths
and Tub
2011 GRS Scanner
High Energy Ground Control

For overnight
signal acceleration!
TrueSilver System
New Helix Vortex Detonator Bulb
2012 F-117 Liberator Frequency Amplifier

TrueRife DVD Setup and Training Video
Includes basic instructions for setup and operations of the machine. 25 Minutes!

Printed Instruction Manuals

"Wish I had started out with your great equipment but I didn't because I was well ahead of you at the time!
I started out with this technology, but since then you have surged ahead with great research and equipment!"
Gerald Foye / Author: Royal R. Rife "Betrayed and Persecuted"
Platinum F-117 System $5420.00
Includes Standard F-117 system and the addtional items below!
PlasmaSphere Ozone Amplifier
Platinum Pro System $6445.00
Includes both Standard F-117 and Platinum systems and the additional items below!
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in the colored areas as designated  / Components can be ordered separately.
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TrueRife Desk Reference and DVD
Over 7 years of research including program recommendations!
TrueRife Research Pre-loaded Laptop. 
All software / manuals / and training videos pre-installed by TrueRife!  When your F-117 system arrives simply plug and play!
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"If I were to purchase only one setup, it would be the TrueRife F-117. It is a well-made device, incorporating an Atelier Robin F-110 generator, and is capable of handling nearly any situation you can throw at it."
SoftGround Earthing Sleep System / Used to accelerate overnight sets

Soft Ground
Places under the feet
or behind the back!
F-117 GRS Scanner System

$4315.00 Full Scanning Capabilities!

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Includes The F-117 BlueRay  / Qx2 Accelerator bulb and tripod stand / Spiral scanning bulb / Soft Ground Foot and Back Plate / GRS Scanner / 1 Ion BlueRay foot bath module /  Instruction manuals and training DVD's

No medical claims are made or implied for TrueRife devices or frequency sets!  They are not intended to diagnosis, cure, prevent, treat or mitigate any medical condition or disease.  Please consult a qualified physician for any medical conditions.

Thermal Matrix Titanium Heater
Includes Insulated Tub
Timer / Heater / Instructions
Ion Pro Wave foot bath pictured not included